Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a spreading guide for manure?

We give a general guide for you in your operator manual. The main thing to remember with manure, in particular is the time of day you’re spreading. The manure pile will be a lot heavier in the morning with the morning dew on it, as opposed to the afternoon when it’s been sitting in the sun all day – which will enable it to go further as it’s lighter.

Does the Spreader come with a manual?

Yes, when you take delivery of the new machine, an operator manual is attached to the front of the machine. Copies are available to download here, or you can contact us to send one out to you.

Can I heap the Spreader up with material?

We quote and make your machine to a level capacity. The spreader bin, axle and tyres are load rated for that particular size, therefore the machine should not be overloaded.

Can I tow the Spreader on the road (ie, from farm to farm)?*

The spreader is classified as an Agricultural Implement. Therefore, it only requires 2 yellow flashing or rotating warning lamps placed at the rear of the spreader, at the highest point, whilst in transit, at low speed. * We do recommend you check your State Ruling as they can differ from State to State.

Does the spreader require any maintenance?

The only maintenance required is regular greasing of the bearings and monitoring of oil levels. (Sight glass will show level)

Why can’t we run off the tractor remotes?

The Spreader hydraulic system is designed to dissipate the heat generated by continuous use whereas tractor systems are not. The system also suits the pump flow and pressure, the door cylinder and the spinner motors; this can vary greatly between tractors and can damage those components. Lastly, it also avoids contamination of oils if more than one tractor is used for the one machine.

What’s the difference between PTO & Ground Driven?

PTO driven machines run off the Tractor PTO, so the machine will always run at the speed that the floor chain is set to, regardless of the tractor speed. Ground Driven machines use the speed of the tractor and spreader to govern the floor chain speed.

What optional extras should I consider?

Initially we ask what you’ll want to use your spreader for. We can then recommend any extras that would be beneficial for what you want to achieve. For example, a Vineyard or a farm with Fruit Trees would benefit from using a Side Delivery or a Shroud, to apply material either running along rows beside the machine or throw directly under the trees and not out the back.

Is Orange the only colour it comes in?

Wallaby Orange is our brand colour; however, we can paint your spreader to match your tractor!

Can I view a machine nearby to me?

Yes, with 600 Wallaby Spreaders Australia wide, we can most certainly find someone in your area that you can visit and have a look at their machine and talk to the person that’s operating the machine. We can also put you in contact with Wallaby Spreader owners who are in the same industry as you and can advise on how they get the most out of their spreader.

What is the lead time on a Spreader?

As all of our spreaders are manufactured specific to customer requirements we don’t hold floor stock. This means you get a customised end product just for you. We’ll provide you with an estimated delivery time once you place an order. Due to high seasonal demand, we suggest you don’t delay in placing an order.

How do I know what size spreader to buy?

There are a number of key factors which help determine the best-sized spreader for each customer. These include  – the size of the area where you’ll be spreading,  – what material you’ll be spreading,  – if there are any height or width restrictions Once we know the answers to the above we can then recommend which option is best for you and your needs

What size spreader would suit my tractor?

The power requirements of the hydraulic system are low. For example, with a 6m3 that is being used in a chicken shed, 20HP is adequate, but in fairly rough and steep conditions, 55-60HP is needed to control the machine. We can help you with this information once we know exactly what your requirements are.

Can’t decide between machine sizes?

If you’re torn between two sizes just remember a larger capacity and quick turnaround time means more work in your day and further ground covered.

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