Wallaby Spreaders



Powered by - PTO driven hydraulic pump
Wheels - Single or dual
Axle (4m3 - 7.70m3) - Light truck
Axle (10m3) - 23m3 - Heavy duty truck
Construction - Fully welded all steel construction
Chassis - 6mm steel plate
Floor - 6mm steel plate
Bin - 3mm steel plate
Spinners - 6mm steel plate
Main Drive Shaft - 50mm diameter
Hoses - 241 bar (3500 PSI)
Conveyor Chain - Heavy duty conveyor chain. 24000 lbs tensile strength each chain
Operates at -
41 - 55 bar (600-800 PSI) - Lightly loaded
103 bar (1500 PSI) - Dry litter
172 bar (2500 PSI) - Peak permissible
Safety inclusions -
Fully guarded secondary drive train
Conveyor chain guards
Spinner guard rail
Tensioning system

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4m3 & 6m3 Spreader

are ideal for vineyards, orchards & all horticultural operations

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7.70m3 Spreader

is ideal for vineyards, orchards, smaller chicken farms & all horticultural operations

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10m3 Spreader

is ideal for poultry farms, dairy farms & general purpose spreading

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12m3 & 16m3 Spreader

Ideal for small to medium feed lots requiring increased spreading efficiency.

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23m3 Spreader

is ideal for broadacre applications & large feedlots

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Customised Spreaders

Looking for something a little different? We can design and manufacture a spreader for your exact requirements.

Customise your spreader with

Optional Extras

  • Side delivery conveyor - allows material to be dropped to one side of the spreader. Can be supplied as a built in feature or as an add on option.
  • Seed/trace element box – allows trace elements to be added at the spreading stage.
  • Baffle plate – helps stop the build up of heavy material against the rear bin door, which aids in reducing any bridging.
  • Bridging bar - can be installed for lighter materials that create bridging.
  • Spinner shroud – limiting the feed of material to each side of the machine.
  • Dump valve – Provides the ability to manually dump all hydraulic pressure or control remotely from tractor cabin.
  • Spinner and/or conveyor remote speed control - provides manual speed control.
  • Mine spec tyres – Depending on specific mine regulations and requirements, flotation tyres can be fitted.
  • Mine spec spinner safety guards – Safety guarding around and above the spinners can be fitted depending on mine regulations and requirements.
  • Bin & conveyor discharge CCTV cameras - Provides the ability to see what level your bin load is during the spreading process.

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See a Wal-Ag Wallaby Spreader in action!

Australia’s toughest all steel constructed spreader will help spread your dollar further. Perfect for a large variety of materials including chicken manure, cow manure, seed sawdust, lime, gypsum and top soil.

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